MP Dance Company

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Over 25 years experience teaching the performing arts to our youth.
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How are we different? In a small town of many studios it is important that dancers find the facility that fits their artistic needs best.   At MP Dance Company we emphasize an artistic theatrical style of dance. We have an in house theatre that is home to all our performances, giving our dancers an abundance of stage experience. We do not often attend dance competitions or perform at sporting events, preferring to dance in an artistic arena, rather than in athletic gyms. Our 18,000 sq foot facility enables us to offer the only aerial dance program in Pocatello and makes it possible for us to run our entire dance program at the same time, eliminating late evening classes and providing a family atmosphere where all dancers share the building together. This results in important mentoring relationships and close friendships between our older and younger dancers. We pride ourselves on our "family" feel and the fact that our dancers support and love each other, rather than compete against each other.